Mission Statement

Freedom-Central.Net holds to the belief that it is the laws of God (natural law) that underpin all successful governments and societies and that all mankind have the right to life, liberty, the right to own and control property, the right to self-defense and to self-responsibility.

With this in mind Freedom-Central.Net, a non-profit site, aims to provide a central link resource (portal) on the Internet to recommend and link to such sites that :-

  • Report sound and trustworthy news
  • Give honest and well-founded political commentary
  • Offer quality, informative and useful products and services
  • Are involved in good and genuine causes
  • Promote family and family values
  • Seek to encourage accuracy and Christian values in education and science
  • Foster free enterprise and solid financial advice
  • Teach principle-based economic education
  • Offer proven natural health products and information
  • Offer preparedness and positive lifestyle products and advice

Although every effort has been made to adhere to the above list, Freedom-Central.Net cannot guarantee every piece of information it links to (or that those sites themselves link to) is accurate in its entirety.

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