The following are some of the very best videos I could source which convey the message of what is really going on in the world today. Some of them discuss history, others principle, and yet others issues and recent events. Take the time to watch all of these videos and you will gain an overview of how our world really works and the forces behind it...


VIDEO 1: Overview of America by John F. McManus (John Birch Society)
CONTENTS: Introduction (the American Dream) - A Firm Foundation - The Fight for Freedom - An Accurate Political Spectrum - Forms of Government - Economic Systems - Righteousness Exalteth a Nation - America at the Crossroads
COMMENT: This video is a great introduction to some of the basic foundations of liberty and the systems that oppose it; the forms of government are covered well and dispel many myths that very many people have today.

VIDEO 2: Philosophy of Liberty by Ken Schoolland
CONTENTS: Life, Liberty, Property and Government
COMMENT: A superb animation explaining in simple terms the very core truths of liberty.


VIDEO 3: Fall of the Republic - The Presidency of Barack H. Obama
CONTENTS: The international bankers and the money system - social conditioning - global warming and tyranny
COMMENT: Excellent and yet chilling documentary calling upon a plethora of financial, political and scientific experts as it examines the presidency of Barack Obama within the context of the plans and methods of the international elite - the puppet masters behind Obama and the push for world government.

VIDEO 4: Reflections and Warnings - An Interview with the Late Aaron Russo
CONTENTS: The Federal Reserve - The Real Plans and Tyranny of the Coming World Government
COMMENT: Aaron Russo, probably most well-known for his film Trading Places starring Eddy Murphy, was a man of the world. However, he gained an awareness of what was going on quite early in his life and became a defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Struggling with cancer in the last few years of his life, he still managed to make some powerful documentaries exposing corruption and the banking elite. He was approached by the Rockefellers and came to know one of them quite well - it is this that gave him his insight into what was really going on behind the scenes and the plans the international elite have for the world. Aaron passed away not long after this video was shot. Here, as this video clearly attests, was an honest and good man trying to do what he could in the last few years of his life, despite the mockery he received, to awaken a sleeping and apathetic people.

There is a short version of excerpts of the above video below, but I recommend watching the whole version above

VIDEO 5: Lord Monckton in Interview with RT on Global Warming Hoax
CONTENT: Climate-Gate
COMMENT: Former aide to Margaret Thatcher, Lord Monckton has been involved in environmental research and policies for over 30 years. He saw the original founders of Greenpeace leave that movement when it was infiltrated by Marxists and others who saw that the movement could be used as a tool to support a transnational political agenda.


VIDEO 6: The Principles of Liberty (14 lessons), the National Center for Constitutional Studies
CONTENT: the principles of liberty - America's 5000 year leap - the value of knowing principles - the political spectrum - natural law - only a virtuous people are capable of freedom - the proper role of government - protecting people from the human frailties of their rulers - property rights secure life and liberty - separation of powers - strong local self-government - no entangling alliances - avoiding the burden of debt - the United States' manifest destiny
COMMENT: Dr Earl Taylor, President of the NCCS, lectures on the principles underpinning the government the Founding Fathers framed and how the solution to our problems today is to return to those concepts.

VIDEO 7: The Money Masters (22 videos)
CONTENT: The Problem - The Money Changers - The Roman Empire - The Goldsmiths of Medieval England - Tally Sticks - The Bank of England - The Rise of the Rothschilds - The American Revolution - The Bank of North America - The Constitutional Convention - First Bank of the U.S. - Napoleon's Rise to Power - Death of the First Bank of the U.S. / War of 1812 - Waterloo - Second Bank of the U.S - Andrew Jackson - Abe Lincoln and the Civil War - The Return of the Gold Standard - Free Silver - J.P. Morgan / 1907 Crash - Jekyll Island - Fed Act of 1913 - J.P. Morgan / WWI - Roaring 20s / Great Depression - FDR / WWII / Fort Knox - World Central Bank - Conclusions
COMMENT: The history of money lenders, from ancient times to modern-day international bankers, how they operate and the events and wars they have caused. The superbly presented information in this series of videos is essential to fully grasping the history and nature of the moneyed elite who now control the majority of the governments of the world.

VIDEO 8: Terrorstorm - Final Cut (14 videos)
CONTENT: Historical examples of false flag operations, London Bombings, 9/11
COMMENT: Alex Jones examines the history of false flag operations (acts carried out by elements under the flag of another country other than their own) in modern times. The video begins with a look back at 20th-Century events such as the burning of the Reichstag building, the attack on the USS Liberty and the ousting of Iran's president in 1953, and then focuses on the London Bombings and 9/11. Many experts and prominent people are interviewed.

VIDEO 9: Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class (43 videos)
CONTENT: difference between rights and privileges - how political power is distributed to create various forms of government (monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, republic) - studies each Article and Section of the "supreme law of the land"
COMMENT: Constitutional activist and former presidential candidate, Michael Badnarik, lectures on a fairly detailed "introduction" to the Constitution.

VIDEO 10: Tornado In A Junkyard - The Relentless Myth of Darwinism (3 videos)
CONTENT: evolution and atheism - genetics - mutations - origins of life - (video 2) irreducible complexity - transitional forms - evolutionary frauds - (video 3) Scopes trial - design versus chance
COMMENT: Researcher, author and lecturer James Perloff gives a rapid-fire overview of the compelling arguments against the theory of evolution. NOTE: First video is poor quality. 2nd and 3rd video posted below as they are not linked on YouTube.

VIDEO 11: G. Edward Griffin Interview Of Yuri Bezmenov (1 videos)
CONTENT: demoralization-destabilization-normalization
COMMENT: Researcher G. Ed Griffin interviews Soviet defector who explains how those who promote communism gradually subvert a people and country.

VIDEO 12: Agenda: Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers (1 video, 1 hour 30 mins)
CONTENT: history of the Left - targets of the Left - What we can do today
COMMENT: Curtis Bowers researches the agenda of the Left in America over the past more than a century until recent times, and their ultimate target - the family. Includes comments from many experts. Link to official site: AgendaDocumentary

VIDEO 13: Joel Skousen: The Tea Party Deception (2 videos, 2 hours)
CONTENT: levels of conspiracy - nature of the conspiracy - how the conspiracy controls the party system/presidential elections - how to avoid the Tea Party movement becoming co-opted
COMMENT: Political scientist, Joel Skousen, is interviewed by about the nature of global conspiracies, how they function and are staffed, as well as how the party and presidential election system us controlled. He finishes with warnings about how to protect the Tea Party movement from being co-opted.

VIDEO 14: Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World (1 video, 1 hour)COMMENT: Charlottle Iserbyt, Former Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, explains in this one-hour long video about her insider experience with the collectivist educational agenda to dumb down the American and world population. She also explores the many elements of the conspiratorial agenda over the past more than a hundred years.

VIDEO 15: Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control (1 video, 1 hour)COMMENT: Video made by the JPFO documenting the various attempts in the 20th century of gun control and how it leads to governments persecuting and murdering their own people. Visit web site at

VIDEO 16: Dollars & Sense (1 video)COMMENT: John McManus explains how money works, and how it should work according to the Constitution.

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